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Majoring in physics and math...how do I land flexible job?

  1. Jan 1, 2016 #1
    I am majoring in math and physics. I will be graduating in one year and am beginning to question what I should do. My eventual goal is to go to grad school to study geophysics, but I will be taking a few years off to allow my wife to further her career. My question is what can I study in my remaining semesters to allow me to land a descent paying job that I can use some of my skills in math/physics. I was pondering even a telecommuting job to enhance flexibility, because I will be living in Missoula, MT(population 80k). I am not against furthering my computer skills, maybe I could get a minor in computer science... but I don't really want to.
    Let me know what you think,
    to sum it up I want a flexible and in demand job utilizing my math/physics skills...possibly computer science skills
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    Specifically, what math and physics skills do you want to use in your job? I would be careful in assuming that academic knowledge learned in a class translates to a useful skill for a job...
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    I understand that my academic knowledge isn't all that tangible to the work force, and If I weren't going to grad school I of would probably done engineering to prepare myself for the workforce better. I just want a job that isn't in retail, or the restaurant business ...etc. I want a job that might make me think, and since it is only temporary I am flexible what it may be. In other words I don't care which skills the job may use as long as it uses some skills.
    I will be getting a very general physics degree (i.e. QM,EM, Lab courses, and classical mechanics...) and an applied math degree (i.e. PDE, Numerical approximation, Deterministic models...), I am comfortable with Python, because it is what we used in our lab course.
    I am really looking for jobs that I may qualify for if I take a couple of different classes... for example (and I know its not this easy!) If I took a year of Java maybe I could get a job, or maybe some math analysis courses...
    Thanks for the help!
  5. Jan 1, 2016 #4
    Another Idea that I have is my school offers a 'Big Data Analytic's Certificate'... I don't know anything about this, but intend to talk to a couple of prof. about it. Does anyone know anything about the certificate...would it be worth an extra semester if need be?
  6. Jan 1, 2016 #5
    I think that certificate would have some value, assuming you have any interest in working in some sort of data analytics role.
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