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Homework Help: Making an arrey of a zipped list, Python

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    How do you make an arrey out of this list?

    for X, H in zip(xarrey,harrey):
    print "%.2f %.5f" % (X,H)
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    Can you give me a more detailed explanation? I don't know what list you're talking about, or what you mean by "making an array" out it. Python doesn't have "arrays," it has lists.

    - Warren
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    from scitools.all import *

    def h(x):
    return (1/(sqrt(2*pi)))*e**-(0.5*x**2)

    xarray = linspace(-4,4,10)
    x = xarray
    harrey = zeros(len(xarrey))

    for i in xrange(len(xarray)):
    harrey = h(x)

    for X, H in zip(xarray,harray):
    print "%.2f %.5f" % (X,H)
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