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Male Micro SD to Male USB Cable?

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    Does such a thing exist. I have a device that only has a slot to write data to a micro sd card. I have an external USB hard drive. Is it possible to hook up my external hard drive to the micro sd slot in my device? Like a male USB cable into the external hard drive that has a male micro sd connector on the other side to hook into the device.

    If it does can anyone tell me the name of this type of cable so I can search for one.
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    Can you plug in both the micro SD card and USB hard drive into that one device at the same time?
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    I don't think so it only reads micro sd.
    It's a dash cam with a USB port for power or to hook up to a computer.
    I tried taking plugging into the USB port on the dash cam to a hub, connected the hub to a power supply and plugged in an external hard drive to the USB hub, and got a message that there was no SD memory.

    As an alternative is it possible to read and write an SD card at the same time? Could I like plug the micro SD card into the device and out of the other end have a port in which I can plug into a Micro SD card reader to USB, and then hook up structure to an external hard drive?

    You no like a two ended micro sd one side to write, and one to read at the same time? Like one end in the device that writes the videos to it, and the other end to a micro sd card reader that is reading the files and putting them onto the external hdd
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    Why cant you just transfer the sd card to a laptop, and from there transfer it to a usb?
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    I see no reason why it would not be possible. However there would have to be more than just a cable there. Something would have to emulate a micro SD card based on the contents of the hard drive.

    Whether someone has made such a contraption I don't have an answer for.

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    Because the device is my car, a dashcam, and I want it to run while I'm at work, the only problem is I don't think the 35 GB micro sd can store over 8 hours of footage, since it's writing data to the card while I'm away at work I can't transfer it to a laptop.

    Any ideas?
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    Buy a larger card?

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    The box that it came with said up to 32 GB, but I really question that. Do such devices have a cap on large an SD card it supports? I don't see how increasing the space on the micro sd card past 32 GB would effect the devices ability to write data to it. Any ideas? But yea I didn't think about getting a larger card but that would work maybe, the box said up to 32 GB but I don't know if there is such a limit?
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    What type of card is in there now? SDHC maxes out at 32GB. SDXC is larger. Does the device support SDXC? If not then you can't go bigger no matter what you put in the slot.

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