SD Card Module Slot Socket Reader to USB - Help please

  1. Hi
    I want to use the SD Card Module Slot Socket Reader Module (Link attached) as a micro sd card reader DIRECTLY to my PC.
    Is it possible to connect to this Module a USB Male connector and use it as a normal sd-card reader?

    The Module:

    **I’m not using arduino – just a simple connection between sd-card – Module – USB male – PC**

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  3. Borek

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    Any particular reason to make your life harder by using this reader instead of any USB based SD card readers?
  4. davenn

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    you still need the interfacing control circuitry to go between the that SD card unit and the USB cable

    As Borek said .... why do you want to make life difficult for yourself ? .... multi-card to USB ports are dirt cheap
    why reinvent the wheel ?

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