Managing doubts in an semi automated learning system

  1. in a classroom teacher are asked doubts on the topic taught by students . they are critical in helping their understanding of concept. what can be the extra information that may be useful for the teacher that can be asked along with the doubts in an doubts query form?
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    Your question is vague to the point of meaninglessness. Of course students will ask questions (not "doubts"). The questions that the students ask will depend on the class they are taking.
  4. sir i mean if a student is allowed to fill a form for his doubts he has and is not satisfied with the answer the teacher gives in the class. this form should have history of how doubts came in, what the doubt would be if reframed according some parameters. this could help in documentation of doubts in a particular subject. it would be useful for teacher to prepare for future class and development of the subject itself taught. it can be used by other student in the form of frequently asked questions when printed in desired form
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