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Keeping your thumbdrives together

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    Hello to all mature people around. This thread is targeted at you, so do should feel appreciated.

    Now...on topic. Dad is a teacher at a local normal school. While he does his best at school, he is somewhat forgetful. He forgot me once in the roof when I was a baby :cry:
    So, his problem is that he often uses a thumbdrive for presentations and other stuff, and...as forgetful he is, he has lost two thumbdrives already. After asking in the group, made of fully functional adults with deep understanding of morals and ethics (almost), he ends with no data about it. His stick is plainly lost.
    I'd like to know if anyone of you experienced the same problem, and how it could be solved. I suggested him a variation of the triple tap, but it I'd doubt he'd ever propose himself to actually do it. So what I seek is some sort of easy to use-system-for-not-losing-sticks-anymore, if avaliable. Thanks in advice
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    He sould be making other backups, you never put all of your eggs in one basket.
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    Create an email just for your work, and email yourself. Learned that the hard way.
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    I made some money from a client because there was no thumb-drive backup. There is now.
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    I wonder if there ever will be position locators like the one in ipods/iphones. You login online and find where you phone is.
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    get an iphone. it can store the file and the find my iphone can locate the iphone. tell him to get you one too so you can help him find the lost one. also add a login screen so who ever finds it cant unset the find my iphone settings.
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    I am also bad with keeping things. But, people are usually very kind. Once I dropped my id card but a stranger found it and emailed me about it. Other time I lost my phone so the stranger called my friends and told them from where I can get the phone. It's good to put your phone number/email with valuable things.
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    He sort-of accepted what I said, so I hope he does it. The chain one was pretty good, but he mumbled something of 'filling a well in which the dead kid was dropped' or something....anyway, thanks. About keeping his sticks with him, he'll have to develop some sort of quick-term memory. By himself.
    And...Apple products are have issues in the Ritter family.
    Aaaanyway, thanks again. I'll let you know if he finds an ideal method.

    This should work. Looks promising.
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    Mine has a thick flat cord such as is used for water bottles and whatnot. I keep it around my neck along with my significant chain/artifact and my Phillips Lifeline pendant (which has saved my life twice).
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    How about having them surgically implanted in your actual thumb?
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    That would make using them kind of hard >.>

    I just keep mine on the same keychain as my keys.
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    I'll suggest this idea.

    Sounds good! [STRIKE]Gold![/STRIKE] Err...no....I mean, thanks for the idea!

    No way pal, USB 3.0 will become universal, as its name suggests very, very soon
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