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Many forum icons greyed-out suddenly

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    In the last hour. Also many post-items. Is there a glitch or failure? It's as though I've read almost everything in the Forums. I've never seen this before.
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    If you visit a forum, leave it and come back, quite often everything in that forum will appear greyed out as if it has been read. There is a reason this happens, but I can't remember it at the moment. Is that what you are referring to?

    Sometimes the opposite happens, I'll read the new threads, they'll be grey, I leave and return and they're all bold again, even though there have been no new posts.
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    Yes, I know, but an hour ago it was almost as though I'd read every forum on PF. I have almost nothing to do with anything but physics, and a couple of those forums I rarely read.

    However, it does appear more normal now.

    I also got a warning for attempting to answer a post that appeared as any other. (It disappeared, along with my carefully written reply:cry: ), so I replied in a new post. There was nothing I recall about the OP that was delete-worthy; it seemed like some brand-new post. I try to help out like a good samaritan. It was really a quite unassuming naive topic that no-one else had answered yet.
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    That was just a head's up from the mentor about the post being deleted. You're fine. :smile:
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    One does not accumulate warning-'points'. It's the misunderestimatized feeling of besmirchment about the whole thing. :grumpy:

    And it was funny little and rather original post he/she presented. Rather novel and worth discussing.

    things back to normal; perhaps because cleared cache and cookies. But your new post was greyed when I got to it.
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    I've seen that happen, and my guess is this occurs if you are inactive for a while and get logged out. If you have "remember me" set, then you are automatically logged in again, but the software seems to assume that when you were timed out you had read everything on the site at that time.

    I've also seen this, but only when browsing the site anonymously without logging in. In this case when you get timed out, the software seems to assume that you have read nothing on the site.

    This is my guesswork: I could be wrong.
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    I saw that post. It was a personal theory, so that may have been the reason it was deleted.
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