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Mass v Weight, Earth Moon and Space.

  1. Feb 16, 2015 #1
    We all know the confusion between Mass and Weight, from the language barrier. Would I be correct to say that:
    On Earth
    Bathroom weigh scales = 100kg. Mass therefore is 100kg. Weight = 981N

    On the Moon
    Bathroom weigh scales = 16.7kg. Mass is still 100kg. Weight = 167N

    In Space, (away from any gravitational pull)
    Bathroom Weigh scales = 0kg. Mass is still 100kg. Weight = 0N
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    Seems right enough to me. You could add that the apparent 'weight', measured on a pivot balance (see saw) would always be the same as a 100kg standard mass when there is even a hint of gravity and a planetary surface / platform to measure on.
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    Sounds reasonable to me.
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