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Programs Master`s Degree in Manufacturing Engineering in UK

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Hi. Currently I`m studying manufacturing engineering at Warsaw University of Technology at bachelor`s degree level. After that, I`m considering continuing to master`s degree, but outside of my home country. Since English is the only foreign language i know, I`ve chosen UK.

My main goal in studying abroad is getting familiar with different cultures and getting some wider perspective on world. I also heard that in UK they put much more focus in practical, than theoretical education, as opposed to Polish universities.

My point is, could someone please point me some of universities that offer good quality manufacturing engineering master`s course? I`m looking for course with high share of lab, project and design classes.

I had, or will have classes in:
- Manufacturing techniques (casting, moulding, plastic forming, welding, machining etc.)
- Mathematics and Physics
- Engineering materials (metals, plastics, rubbers, ceramics)
- Mechanics (statics, kinematics, dynamics, strength of materials)
- Mechanical Design
- Drafting and CAD (Autocad, Inventor, ProEngineer, + I`m taking SolidEdge this year)
- Thermodynamics and Fluid dynamics
- Production management
- Basics of control, robotics, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, computer science.
Biggest emphasis was put on first category.

How much does it differ from bachelor`s degree curriculum in UK? Is there something I should learn on my own before taking master`s course here?
I suggest you try universities that are former polytechnics, like Brighton, or Coventry. They had a reputation for practical based courses, but the situation is always changing, and financial cut-backs often result in expensive practical work being reduced. So you do need up-to-date information. There are also MSc courses by work-based learning (or sometimes called MSc by Learning Objectives) where you have a negotiated learning contract, and they can be tailored to suit your specific needs. There is one at Brighton like that, linked to local industry. The Institution of Mechanical Engineers might be able to provide you with a list of Institutions that provide what you want, and have the Institution's accredition.

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