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Master's Degree in both Physics & Computer Science?

  1. Sep 11, 2014 #1

    I am 28 years old. I have completed my B.Sc(Maths, Physics, Computer Science) in 2007. Immediately after that I have got job as a Software Engineer and worked for 2 years(2007-2009). But due to my interest in pursuing Masters in Physics. I have joined in M.Sc(Physics) in 2009 and in final semester of second year(2011), due to some social & my personal problems I was unable to attend the exams and left. so it became incomplete. And after that due to financial problems, I have joined in job again as Software Engineer and started working till now.

    I would like to pursue my career back in Physics. I came to know that there is no chance of getting admission into PhD without a Master Degree.

    I have came across with some of my friends who are pursuing Master's Degree in Italy and Germany. The Main thing is that they have mentioned. As I already have "Programming Experience", There are a lot programs that needs to have simulations run which are programmatic. So I guess there would be such programs which consist of both "Physics & Computer Science".

    Please provide me the details if there are any such kind of programs. What is the eligibility criteria and prerequisites to get admission into such programs? Like in Italy, Germany, Sweden or USA where ever is fine for me. I just want to pursue Masters!

    Your help would be much appreciated!

    Best Regards!
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    You could look into programs that call themselves computational physics, engineering or applied physics programs often have purely computational research where the physicists is programming simulations. An example I often give is University of Michigan's Applied Physics program, but there are many others that are similar. Good luck.
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    There are quite a few programs like this. Just do a quick search for something like "physics computer science double master degree".
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    In Heidelberg, Germany, there is a Master program in Computer Engineering:
    http://www.ziti.uni-heidelberg.de/ziti/en/msc-computer-engineering [Broken]
    Besides that, it offers a lot of stuff in Computional Physics in case you're pursuing the 'regular' physics Master program. I suppose, that's similar for most other universities.
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    I did and found none. Can you list some of them?
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