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Masters in physics or engineering for a career in industry

  1. May 6, 2014 #1
    Hi All,

    Im interested in a career in industry. I have a BS in physics and looking into masters programs. As far as hiring or salary potential, what is the difference between a masters in physics and a masters in engineering. If possible, I would like to continue studying physics. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    If you want a career in industry you will be much, much better qualified if you get a masters in engineering. If you get a masters in Physics you will have to spend your time convincing hiring managers you can do the work of an engineer. That's an uphill battle. If you want to be an engineer, get an engineering degree.
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    I agree with this. There are industry friendly physics masters out there. They are terminal (that is, not granted on the way to a PhD), often labeled as "applied physics" and revolve around relevant industry friendly skills rather than more quantum, E&M, stat mech and classical mech like an "academic" masters does.

    Look for one that offers internship opportunities so you can graduate with some real experience.
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