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Admissions Masters Thesis vs. Non-Thesis vs. Independent Study

  1. Mar 17, 2017 #1
    I am interested in pursuing a masters in electrical engineering at a non-top tier university (UTD). As I understand it, the masters thesis option at most universities is the main priority, as they are job openings that need to be filled. Then the masters non-thesis students are used to fill in the vacancies and earn some extra cash.

    I was admitted for independent study this semester taking 2 of the 11 total graduate courses required for the non-thesis option. I'm curious, since I was already admitted as an independent student, in general, how much more of leap would it be to get admitted to the masters non-thesis (considering I get good grades in these 2 courses and recommendations from the 2 professors)? I know there are many variables, but I'm assuming the thesis option is much more competitive than non-thesis? I don't really see much difference between independent study and non-thesis.

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    I thought it was more for folks who liked to do the thesis vs those who didn't. Sometimes you have enough work experience so its easier to plow through the thesis vs taking more classes.
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