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Material properties of Heavy water

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    Hello sir,
    I am new to this forum i am looking for thermophysical properties of heavy water for my computer simulation. following properties i found in the wed. can any one suggest me that these considered properties are correct
    (ref temp 40 C and 6.549 kPa)
    density = 1099.99 Kg/m3
    specific heat at constant pressure = 153.36 KJ/Kg or 2230.8 Kj/kg (which one is correct)
    dynamic viscosity = 7.848e4 Pa s
    Thermal conductivity = 610.2e3 W/m K
    Kinematic viscosity = 0.7135e6 m2/s
    Pr = 5.443

    Thank you
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    Hello sir,
    Thank you for your quick reply.
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