What is Material properties: Definition and 46 Discussions

A materials property is an intensive property of some material, i.e., a physical property that does not depend on the amount of the material. These quantitative properties may be used as a metric by which the benefits of one material versus another can be compared, thereby aiding in materials selection.
A property may be a constant or may be a function of one or more independent variables, such as temperature. Materials properties often vary to some degree according to the direction in the material in which they are measured, a condition referred to as anisotropy. Materials properties that relate to different physical phenomena often behave linearly (or approximately so) in a given operating range. Modeling them as linear functions can significantly simplify the differential constitutive equations that are used to describe the property.
Equations describing relevant materials properties are often used to predict the attributes of a system.
The properties are measured by standardized test methods. Many such methods have been documented by their respective user communities and published through the Internet; see ASTM International.

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  1. Olha

    A From Nyquist plot to real conductivity spectra (sigma)

    Hi, I have data of impedance but due to limitation of software after measurement I do not receive numerical values for admittance and real conductivity vs frequency. How mathematically I can convert Nyquist plot into plot real conductivity vs frequency?
  2. R

    BMD by DEXA = real bone strength?

    BMC is a measurement of bone mineral found in a specific area and is measured in grams (g). BMC can be measured in a specific location (i.e., arm, leg, etc.) or for the total body. BMD, on the other hand, is the amount of bone mineral in bone tissue. It is derived by dividing the BMC (g) by the...
  3. TitaniumVCarbon

    Are there any materials immune to the type of mass loss the IPK had

    The IPK gradually lost microscopic amounts of mass despite not being of a weak material and being far from the platinum alloy’s (it is made of a platinum-iridium alloy) failure point. Why does this happen and what materials are immune to this? Is it only materials that are made of pure elements...
  4. Cheatcode

    Lawn/Garden How can I optimize my DIY humidifier to improve its longevity and efficiency?

    I am making my own humidifier, the store bought heat based humidifiers seem to all die very fast from how hard the water is where I live. I am pumping air from an aquarium air pump (A) into a sealed gallon of water (B) through an airstone (C) so that bubbles (D) rise through water and hydrated...
  5. M

    What are some possible future applications for supersolids?

    Scientists finally created a 2D Supersolid! There existence has been predicted since the 60’s and now we have them. The scientists who created it don’t really know what it could be used for as it’s so much in the infancy stages, it’s practically a zygote. As an aspiring futurist, I was wondering...
  6. shk

    Material properties -- Elastic and Plastic deformation in automobile crashes

    a)plastic deformation because of permanent deformation b) the other parts that have been destroyed have stored the energy and this saved the passenger compartment. C) the alloy crash barrier is stronger than the car body and and saves more of the energy by deforming shape. I'm not sure about my...
  7. U

    Material properties of a bicycle

    Summary:: Please help me to determine the thickness of the material of the bicycle given, i need a step by step procedure. I know the formula required but can figure out the forces acting and reactions on the bicycle. The weight of the person riding the cycle is estimated to be 70-80kg Help me
  8. B

    Looking for a source of the material properties of various alloys

    I'm looking for a book series tabulating various mechanical and material properties for metals and alloys. There is a book series called "Thermophysical Properties of Matter" and it details the thermophysical properties of hundreds of elements and compounds (even including some obscure uranium...
  9. P

    Heterogeneities of the material properties

    Dear All, I don't have well background on material science. I would like to measure heterogeneity of a species (shrimp). How can I do it easily? Sincerely
  10. P

    Stainless steel friction / galling

    Hi, I’m looking for some advice on materials. In the picture A, B and C are stainless steel. Pressure is applied at B rotating D in the socket and raising A. D needs to be as strong as possible to resist the load but I’m concerned about D rubbing against C as there is no lubrication. I can't...
  11. parazit

    I Stopping Power and Range units for charged particles

    Dear members, The unit of stopping power is given as Mev/cm in many sources. It is easy to comprehend this unit.The mass stopping power, which is the total energy lost per path length by a charged particle, is defined as the division of MeV/cm to the density of investigated material, g/cm3, and...
  12. P

    Ansys Maxwell: Boundary definition

    Hello, I am trying to find a Magnetostatic(3D) solution for my design. My design consist of a coil embedded in Ceramic material developed by LTCC technology. I am below queries: 1. Is it important to define a material"Insulating"? How it will affect the Inductance of the system and the...
  13. W

    Abbreviation on material properties help -- what is h_ET, h_h, vP, V epspkt?

    material A: E-modul:2000 yield stress:50MPa h_ET:99 h_h:200 vP:20 V epspkt:0.99 parameter used for material characteristic curve n building of material model - (linear elastic, elastic plastic and viscoplastic model) can someone explain to me what is h_ET, h_h, vP, V epspkt?
  14. Astronaut

    Is Stress dependent on the material properties?

    I have this fundamental question about stress and strain. If we apply same Force on two different objects of same geometry in the same configurations, will they experience the same stress? If yes, then does it imply that stress is independent of the internal material properties?
  15. C

    Car acceleration on concrete and on asphalt

    Today I've come across the statement that the coefficient of static friction of rubber tires on asphalt is bigger than that of tires on concrete. Does it mean that the maximal acceleration a car can attain on asphalt will be greater than that on concrete? My assumptions: 1)The force of friction...
  16. M

    Improve Strength of Composites Tube w/+45/-45 Layup

    Homework Statement Given a composites tube made up of +45 layup. The tube is subjected to positive torque. Suggest a new layup that will improve the strength of the tube when subject to clockwise and anti-clockwise torque. Motivate your choice. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I...
  17. E

    Material definition problem in ANSYS Maxwell

    HI Guys, I am getting an error in Ansys Maxwell that says Maxwell2d solver, process solver2d: Internal Solver Error: 'In the Material: M270-35A_12 , the SLOPE of the End Two Points in this BH curve is 56519.1, which is more than 2 times of Mu0; This may lead to a non-physical solution...
  18. S

    Determining Young's Modulus of Aluminium from Tensile Test

    My Aim is to determine the youngs modulus of aluminium from the data we get from tensile strength test. The attached excel sheet contains all the data i am using such as elongation,load value(which is in kN i have converted to N for calculating Stress) For stress, I am using the formula...
  19. muhammad ahmad

    Importing material properties in ANSYS ACP

    i am doing composite analysis in ansys acp. i am using nomex hneycomb as core sandwiched with 3k twill carbon fiber on each side. i am unable to understand properties that my manufacturer gave. these are lengthwise and widthwise but in ansys i have to enter properties in x y z direction. can...
  20. J

    How to specify carbon fibre material properties in ANSYS ACP

    Hey there, my honours year thesis is on the design and analysis of a carbon fibre wheel for a Formula Student racecar. However, I am unable to obtain carbon fibre material properties to input into the Engineering Data section. I am required to specify the Youngs Modulus in the x, y and z...
  21. J

    Can Tresca's Law Be Proven Using Yield Application in Blacksmith Forging?

    How do i find out yield application of hammer hitting a specimen (just like blacksmith did? Since tresca law stated yieldmaterial<yield application to make deformation of specimen, yield of material for example 100MPa (high tempt yield) but yield application=F/A (assume force given is 600Newton...
  22. I

    Solving Charge Distribution for Spheres with Different Material Properties

    Hey all, So the question in Jackson 1.4 is that I have 3 spheres that all have a total charge Q on them, but each sphere has different material properties. For instance, I have a conducting sphere, a sphere with a uniform charge distribution, and one with a charge distribution that has a...
  23. I

    Automotive Driveshaft Material for Extreme Torque Applications?

    Ok so I've ran into some issues figuring out what i material i should use as a driveshaft I am not going to give many specs on the engine except 20,000 peak ft-lbs torque. With the transmission in the lowest gear 5:1 and the transfer case in 6:1 the output to the driveshaft is 600,000 ft-lbs of...
  24. H

    Material properties resulting from hexagonal structure

    What are some properties of materials that are related to the fact that the crystal structure of said material is the hexagonal close-packed structure?
  25. Willfrid Somogyi

    I Highest Order Diffraction Ring

    So we have the standard diffraction equation for crystals, being: nλ = 2dsinθ. If we keep the wavelength and the lattice parameter the same then n simply depends on θ. So there must be a maximum order diffraction ring that you could obtain as once you get to 90° you're essentially going in the...
  26. G

    A Reason for change in deformation if we switch from n to p

    In the research paper, a piezoresistive pressure sensor is designed. My question is if we look at table 1 in column 1 the values of deformation of diaphragm for single crystal silicon n type is used If we interchange n type and p type the values for 1000,2000 Kpa are same and then the values...
  27. N

    What materials stay unblemished after 1000s of centuries?

    I was wondering what materials will stay most unblemished after the 1000s of centuries of unforeseen wear such as corrosion, salt water, grinding, etc. Materials that are not very rare like gold or silver. I have looked into it and so far I've come across titanium, stainless steel, and their...
  28. Captain1024

    Electromagnetics: Plane Wave Propagation, Unknown Medium

    Homework Statement Based on wave attenuation and reflection measurements conducted at 1MHz, it was determined that the intrinsic impedance of a certain medium is , and the skin depth is 2m. Determine: a) The conductivity of the medium b) The wavelength in the medium c) The phase velocity...
  29. P

    Best material to reflect for 35GHz RF

    Hello everyone. This is my first post.. I have been given the task of building some large RF reflectors that will reflect 35GHz RF energy. Can anyone give me an idea of what material / thickness of material I could use. For an example.. Would a pyramid made from wooden pallets covered in...
  30. A

    Help with selecting materials -- military surveillance application

    1. To carry out a materials selection exercise for a military/surveillance portable infrared imager tripod. The exercise will be carried out by means of any legal and valid technique possible and applicable, including (but not withstanding) techniques described in lectures, textbooks &...
  31. E

    Do Material Properties Follow a Linear Response Pattern?

    Hi all, I have a general question about material properties. We know that the material property value depends on the input level. For example, the permittivity in a dielectric material changes depending on the applied electric field. That being said, when we apply an alternating electric...
  32. theOrange

    Material properties for annealing cage

    When looking at the cage or structure used to carry materials into an oven for the annealing process, what material properties are most important? Lets saying during full annealing of aluminum, the oven is heated to 540 degrees Celsius. A cage is used to carry the aluminum into the oven...
  33. S

    Can't explain an observation with material properties

    I beg forgiveness if this should be in chemistry; to me it seems more of a physics problem. This summer I had two Polyethylene terephthalate (PETE) spice bottles deform due to the sun shining on the clear plastic tub, Polypropylene(PP) in which they were stored. The first time the big tub was...
  34. S

    Material properties of Heavy water

    Hello sir, I am new to this forum i am looking for thermophysical properties of heavy water for my computer simulation. following properties i found in the wed. can anyone suggest me that these considered properties are correct (ref temp 40 C and 6.549 kPa) density = 1099.99 Kg/m3 specific...
  35. S

    How can we define material properties using Maxwell's equations?

    There are certain properties of materials that are "artificial" in the sense that they have no direct physical basis but are sort of added into the evolution equations to get the right effect. I don't mean to sound like they are arbitrary but that they are more empirical and not directly...
  36. S

    Material Properties of Carbon Fibers

    I'm working on a computer model that simulates material damage in fiber reinforced polymers in extreme temperatures. I have looked around to find where I can buy some and get material properties. So far the best place I have found is Rock West Company with their quasi-isotropic lay...
  37. E

    Need reference for material properties

    I am an electrical engineer and not familiar with this. I need to look up the permittivity and conductivity, density and acoustic speed of some common fluids: sea water, de-ionized water, castor oil, alchohol, ... Where would I find some reference containing these numbers? Thank you.
  38. R

    Calculation of material properties in transformation media

    Hi everybody, I'm focusing on meta-materials. I have recently read Schurig's paper "http://www.opticsinfobase.org/oe/abstract.cfm?URI=OPEX-14-21-9794"). In the article, the components of the permittivity tensor are given by \varepsilon^{i'j'} = \left|\rm{det}(\Lambda^{i'}_{i})\right|^{-1}...
  39. A

    Inelastic collisions and material properties

    I am in the middle of a large project as an undergrad mech. engineering student and my team and I are having some modeling issues. Here is a description of our task: We must modify the design of a digital spool valve for a company. We have a spool, and 2 electro-magnetic endcaps that the...
  40. A

    Material properties at elevated temperature

    Hi everyone, Please help me, I am almost dying for this project. I am doing a project that is dealing with high temperature, and i would like to ask you guys, is there any way to get the material properties of alloy, ceramics, or glass(fused quartz) at high temperature? i have tried to...
  41. A

    What materials have high, mid-range, and low electron affinity and conductivity?

    Can anyone name for me: a] a material that has a HIGH electron affinity and is a GOOD conductor of electricity. b] a material that has a MID-RANGE electron affinity and is a POOR conductor of electricity. c] a material that has a LOW electron affinity and is a GOOD conductor of...
  42. J

    Material properties at cryogenic temperatures

    hello, I am trying to find electrical and thermal properties of materials such as alumina, titania, and various metal oxides at 4K and 77K. I have scoured the internet trying to find the properties and have gone to a major university library without success. Any help or resources that you...
  43. S

    Material Properties: Non-Metals & Metals

    Hi, Anyone can recommend any website that shows the material properties (such as reflectivity, heat capacity, density, heat conductivity) of both non metals and metals? Thanks in advance.
  44. B

    Predicting Young's Modulus of Banana-Epoxy Composite Using MATLAB

    Hi, I am trying to analyze a composite part which is made of carbon/epoxy and has [+45/-45]2s as the layup. I got the following material properties for carbon/epoxy from the textbook "Engineering Mechanics of Composite Materials", by I.M. Daniel & O. Ishai, Longitudinal Modulus, E1=147Gpa...
  45. V

    Material Properties: Stress Strain Curve Analysis

    Hi, I need to use a load deflection curve to determine the material properties of a elastic material. The stress strain is far from being linear. Any suggestions??
  46. A

    Calculating Material Properties with Hooke's Law

    i need some information regarding following subject. Calculating mechanical properties of certain material(solid , Liquid, Plasma) form Hooke's Law of elasticity. σ = E¹ε + E²ε˙ + E³ε¨ Thanks