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Materials Science or Applied Physics

  1. Sep 18, 2015 #1
    Which MSc course below do you think would be better to have upon graduation, in terms of being able to obtain employment in some area of science or research, or perhaps engineering?

    Both are at the same university.

    MSc Materials Science. This is an online course (no lectures), though a student can use all the university facilities as per normal, and the project is done at the university. It will not state on the final certificate that it was an online course, though of course an employer could simply observe this from the university website.

    MSc Applied Physics. This is an on-campus course with lectures.
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    Unfortunately, you gave no relevant information on the content of each course for any of us to decide which is better. We cannot judge a field of study just based on the name, especially when they are roughly similar to one another, anymore than you can judge which is a better school bag for me based simply on the color.

    In many programs here in the US, "applied physics" also includes material science/condensed matter physics (see: Stanford University).

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