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Materials: scientist vs engineering (research wise)

  1. Oct 13, 2015 #1
    So, i am trying to decide between materials science or engineering, i understand the difference, and i am preferring engineering due to the better career perspective, specially that i am from a country where research isn't their first priority, but i am still very interesting in research and material design, so my question is : can a material engineer research and design materials like a material scientist or he doesn't have the required knowledge?
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    It depends on the engineer, and where he works.

    For example: An engineering professor in materials would very probably be doing research into materials. An engineer for a company that builds bridges might not do very much research into materials, but might be reading a lot about new materials used for bridges. He might be doing a lot of testing of materials to determine if they will satisfy the requirements for a particular bridge design. Conceivably the bridge building company might be also developing new materials, but probably not. An engineer that worked for, say, a high-end steel producer, might be doing research into new alloys, surface treatments, etc. And probably all of them would be reading about new methods and materials that were related to their particular subjects.
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    So a material engineer does have the enough knowledge to conduct such research if the job requires it?
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    Where I went to grad school in the 1980's, the material sciences department and program was in the school of engineering. Two of my suitemates were material scientists. No one at the school considered them physicists, mathematicians or social scientists. At least back in the 1980's, material scientists were engineers. Isn't it still that way?
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    well, as far as i know, now material scientist and engineers are 2 distinct things.
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