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Math Engineering Double Major Grad School Woes Woes

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    I am a junior double major studying bioengineering and mathematics. I attend a top 15 school initially as only a engineering major but added math halfway through my sophomore year. The farther I get into the mathematics programs, the more I love it. I finished the major requirements, and right now I am taking the last course in the field of algebra that is offered at the undergraduate level, which is an abstract algebra course that is focused of field extensions and Galois theory. However, I feel because I chose to double major, I lack a lot of depth that most math majors have. I have been taking anywhere from 19 to 23 credits a semester, but for the past three semesters I have only been taking one math class at a time. I've gotten A's in every course I have taken in analysis and algebra. I applied to five math REUs, all in the field of algebra, but I have kind of given up hope on getting any. My adviser is a complete flake, I haven't talked to him in over a year, and I have no one to talk to about this. I really want to get a PhD in math, but I feel like I have cornered myself for taking two majors, especially since I have to take many courses even outside engineer like Cell Biology, Biochemistry, etc. Compared to many purely math majors, I have taken fewer courses than them, and I am starting to feel I won't be a competitive graduate school candidate...
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    Would you consider enrolling as a master's student and then continuing on for a PhD? That may be an option if you find you don't have the background to make a competitive doctoral applicant.
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