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Homework Help: Math riddle, eliminating 2 of 3 answers with limited info

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    remove wrong forum/problem solved though

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    You may be thinking too hard.

    Consider this: what if YOU, the person asking the question, were also thinking of a number or numbers in your head, and your question involves a COMPARISON between the number/numbers you're thinking of and the number the other person wrote down?

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    You can ask "Is the logaritm of 10 with this number as a base is bigger then 3?". Answer will be
    -yes if it is 2 (because log(10) by base 2 equals 3,32)
    -no for 3 (log(10) by base 3 equals 2,1)
    -I don't know for 1 (because log(10) by base 1 is undefined).
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    Thanks so much, it has been frustrating me so much lol.

    I never thought of using logs it's just something that I personally don't use in math that often.
    I knew/felt like the "I don't know" had something to do with it, genius of you to get one of the results to undefined
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