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Math Student: Semester Load Advice

  1. Jun 30, 2011 #1
    I am a math student at Queens College and so far I have taken the freshman calculus sequence up to multivariate calculus, calc based probability, discrete math, linear algebra I, and ordinary differential equations.

    Right now I am registered for the following classes for the Fall '11 semester: Advanced Calculus(202), Linear Algebra II(232), Intro to Analysis(310), and Combinatorial Theory(636).

    There are 2 course I'm interested in, but if I want to take them I would have to swap them with classes I'm currently registered for:
    Mathematics and Logic(626), and Putnam Competition Prep(390). In order to take 626 and 390 I would have to swap them with 202 and 310 respectively. That being said, the times for 310 and 390 don't really overlap other than that 390 ends exactly when 310 starts, but I'm not sure if QC will allow this. It sounds like a good idea to drop 310 because in the Spring there is an equivalent course, Foundations of Analysis(317) offered and because I want to participate in the Putnam competition in December.
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    In my school advanced calculus is analysis in R^n and then there is intro to analysis courses, which are analysis in metric spaces. If it is also that way in your school, you may want to take advanced calculus first and then intro to analysis, so that you will be familiar with concepts and ideas.
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