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Mathematica [Mathematica/Math] : functions.wolfram.com

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    This is not a question, but just information I would like to share with mathematica users. I never knew this existed somehow, but it is amazingly useful :


    It is VERY detailed, and has all code fro nearly all functions and their definitions in mathematica form. For example, look at :


    you can find its representations in all manner of possibilities, like


    I found this when trying to find the series representations of hypergeometric functions expanded about different indices (need derivatives of pochammer, etc). This basically had everything I needed, and is not just an information source like wikipedia, but has copy-paste-able equations for Mathematica.

    On the left you can also download a notebook for the entire function. I wish this was built in to mathematica (maybe it is in the newest version?)
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    Thanks for sharing.
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