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Intro Math Mathematical methods for students of physics and related fields

  1. Aug 18, 2017 #1
    This book is too expensive for me to buy. Can someone share ebook/ pdf?
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    I'm not sure exactly what book you are referring to, but if it is copyrighted then the pdf would be illegal. We do not post links to illegal material here.

    A legal, free book that may be what you are looking for has been written by James Nearing,

    Good luck.

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    Are you referring to Hassani's "Mathematical methods for students of physics and related fields"?

    Most people on this forum refer to textbooks by the author's name rather than the title, unless of course he wrote more than book on the same subject.

    As Jason noted, we do not allow links to free downloads of copyrighted books etc. that have not been authorized by the author or publisher.
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    I knew the copyright restrictions . But wanted the book desparately . My bad.
  6. Aug 18, 2017 #5
    Thanks. I'll go through it.
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