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Homework Help: Mathematically solving fourier transform

  1. Aug 22, 2012 #1
    Since I lack the understand of real world applications of Fourier Transform in the real world I decided to buy a signals and systems book (Lathi) do some Fourier Transform problems and them do the same problem in Matlab.

    The question in the book wants me to find the Fourier Transform of signal f(t) = e^-at; from 0 to T

    I know in order to find FT I have to do the following:
    step 1: F(w) = ∫ f(t) * e^-jwt dt

    step 2: ∫ e^-(a+jw)t dt [combine like terms]

    step 3: [ e^-(a+jw)0 ] - [ e^-(a+jw)T ] [integrate over 0 to T]

    step 4: 1 - e^-(a+jw)T [solve]

    The book says the answer is:


    How did the book get the denominator section of jw+a? I cant get from step 4 to the book answer. What am I missing here?
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