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Mathematics or Math:General for Physics

  1. Jun 24, 2015 #1
    So I am a High school student from Australia and I'm slow when it comes to mathematics (2 Unit) and I'm not doing to well in the tests, I'm getting around 50%.
    I was wondering if I should drop to general Maths, which I know isn't recommended for University Physics. The recommended is instead Mathematics (2 unit)...

    So... Is my dream of becoming a Physicist over, or can I get better at mathematics later in life, after I finish high school?

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    Your best bet is to buckle down and do better, NOW! You have a teacher and hopefully, help when you need it, in your current situation. If you wait to learn later, you will be hampered by yourself (by your own admission you are weak in math, w/o help you will have to work 2x harder to get where you want to be vs putting in the effort now with the help of the schools system). I would also suggest you find and use a tutor as quickly as you can to help you make up what you need.
    You may need to take some introductory math when you get to college as well, but you do not have to give up your dreams at this stage. Colleges often have entry level math classes for students much like yourself. You will be hard pressed to finish a 4 year degree in 4 years, but even that is possible with an overload of classes for one or two semesters if you go on to college with poor preparation in math. Again, I stress, catch up now if possible.
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