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Maths for physics : any suggestions

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    what do you think is the best book in maths to start with for a person aspiring experimental nuclear and partical physics .actually i am good in maths and love it so please recommend some thing hard but, well,suited for an under graduate student
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    Your question is meaningless without information about what you already know. Honestly, if you have to ask it probably means that you're still very early in your undergraduate career, which means that you need to be studying the same mathematics as every other physics student, which is, incidentally, the same math that the physics department requires you to take: Calculus and linear algebra.
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    I think the standard math curriculum for any undergraduate physics decree at least includes pieces of the following:

    - Single-variable calculus w/ ODEs
    - Multi-variable calculus w/ vector calculus
    - Linear Algebra
    - Statistics
    - Complex analysis
    - Partial differential equations (Laplace eqn, diffusion eqn, wave eqn)
    - Variational calculus
    - Tensor analysis
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