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Matlab " Missing Matlab operator"

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i am new to matlab, i am trying to read many images named , salam(1).jpg, salam(2).jpg,...,salam(n).jpg, and i am trying to put that in the imread function as shown in the code below

counter =1;
while (counter<5)
        cur=imread('salam(' int2str(counter) ').jpg');
but i am getting the following error

???         cur=imread('salam(' int2str(counter) ').jpg');
Error: Missing MATLAB operator.
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Re: Matlab " Missing Matlab operator"

The problem is that imread is expecting a single string parameter. You need to concatenate the components of the file name, by wrapping them in square brackets:

cur=imread(['salam(' int2str(counter) ').jpg']);

-Will Dwinnell" [Broken]
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Re: Matlab " Missing Matlab operator"

Thank you very much Predictor, it is working now :)

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