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Maximum Centripetal Acceleration

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    You are designing a centrifuge to spin at a rate of 13,810 rev/min.
    (a) Calculate the maximum centripetal acceleration that a test-tube sample held in the centrifuge arm 14.1 cm from the rotation axis must withstand.
    249167 m/s2.
    (b) It takes 1 min, 16 s for the centrifuge to spin up to its maximum rate of revolution from rest. Calculate the magnitude of the tangential acceleration of the centrifuge while it is spinning up, assuming that the tangential acceleration is constant.
    I really don't even know where to start.
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    What formulas do you think might apply to this problem? What variables do you know?

    There's a reason why the template you're presented with when opening a thread has a section for relevant equations.
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