Maximum Stress/Torque for rotating shaft

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Homework Statement

Given a 1.5” output shaft, a 80-90 ksi yield strength.
Neglecting limitations of keys or gear reducer what is the maximum HP that could be transmitted by the 1.5” shaft

Homework Equations

Torque = (63025*H)/n H is HorsePower and n is RPM

Force = Torque/radius

The Attempt at a Solution

If I can find the maximum force then the maximum torque/HP can be calculated using the above equations. I m not sure how to calc the max shear force using the given data.

Answers and Replies

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You need an equation that relates torque and maximum shear stress in a rotating shaft. That equation should be given (or derived) in your class. If that's not the case (which would be very odd), you can always try Google.
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