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Maxwell s equations observed in nature

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    I am interest in see the derivation for the speed of light from maxwells equations, or other interest derivation base on it.

    I want to understand whatever "natural" phenonmen that could be explained by maxwell s equations.
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    The speed of light can be derived from Maxwell's equation when solving for their plane wave solution. In fact, all known electromagnetic phenomena (light and electric field propagation) can be described by these equations. These include the circuit laws (which turn out to be approximations only good at low frequency). So the fact that light reflects off a mirror can be explained using Maxwell's equations. Unfortunately the mathematics is relatively rigorous, but I can tell you that they are used in applied science and engineering all the time to build things like your common cell phone and computer.
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    I am interested in natural phenonmen that can be explained by maxwell s equations. Light of couse is one example, but what elses?
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