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Mcnp source subroutine linking trouble

  1. Feb 6, 2014 #1
    I have written a source subroutine and I am trying to link it with mcnp6. When I run my input file it says you need a source subroutine. My input file and the source subroutine(written in fortran) are in the same directory. Where do I have to keep the subroutine to link with mcnp? Any help would be appreciated.
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    sushildhakal, I have not used mcnp but will try to help.
    You wrote a Fortran source subroutine that you want to compile and link with the mcnp6 library into an executable program? Are you running a command that compiles and links in one step and then runs in another step? Or does the command compile, link, and run all together?
    What operating system are you using: Windows, Linux, MacOS? What operating system version?
    Are you using a development environment, or are you compiling from the command line?
    What command are you using to compile and link?
    Is the mcnp6 library a Fortran library?
    Is your input file a text file of commands for mcnp to execute at runtime?
    Can you copy and paste the error message here?
    Do you have the user manual for mcnp? Have you seen: https://laws.lanl.gov/vhosts/mcnp.lanl.gov/mcnp_faq.shtml
  4. Feb 8, 2014 #3
    Hi vulcantaylor,
    I think the command compile and run together. I also thought it would link the subroutine at the same time according to their manual. I am using Linux(fedora 13). I am doing from the command line. I just have the executable file from RSICC. It works if I don't use the source subroutine and write the source definition card in my input file. I use mcnp6 N=input file name to run it. Input is a text file which has to be written in the format given in the mcnp6 manual. I have the user manual and it says "when there is no SDEF card mcnp6 will automatically look for source subroutine". There error message is as follows:

    Expire parameter is you need a source subroutine.
    bad trouble in subroutine source of mcrun
    you need a source subroutine.
  5. Feb 8, 2014 #4
    sushildhakal, I could help more with a generic Fortran problem but this is specific to mcnp6.
    What is a source definition card?

    Is mcnp6 a shell script you could examine? It appears to be calling the executable mcrun.

    Here are ways mcnp6 could find out about your Fortran source file:
    1. mcnp6 could automatically search for your Fortran file. It might look for any file in your current directory with a suffix like .f .f90 .F .F90 Maybe it looks for a file with the same name as your N={input-file-name} but with a .f suffix.
    Maybe it looks for a hard-coded filename. Maybe you need to manually compile your Fortran file into a .o file before running mcnp6.
    Maybe mcnp6 looks for a file in your home directory, or a directory listed in your path/PATH shell environment variable. There is a small chance the source file needs execute permission set using chmod.
    2. mcnp6 may have a command line parameter for specifying the Fortran source file. To get command usage options, type mcnp6 with no parameters or mcnp6 -help
    3. The Fortran source file may need to be specified in the mcnp6 input file.

    If I run out of ideas, https://rsicc.ornl.gov/codes/ccc/ccc8/ccc-810.html says you could send mail to mcnp6@lanl.gov
    There is a forum at https://laws.lanl.gov/vhosts/mcnp.lanl.gov/mcnp_forum.shtml
  6. Oct 21, 2015 #5
    Hello everyone,

    How shall I get the MCNP6 source code for Linux. I've sent a message to RSICC and they sent me a link to a webpage but there isn't too much information in there. As you guys can see I have never worked with MCNP6 and now I need it in order to carry on with my further studies.
  7. Oct 21, 2015 #6


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    From this site:
    From your IP address I can see that you are posting from a location outside the US, so I am assuming that you are not a US citizen.
  8. Oct 21, 2015 #7


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    Which webpage? Can you share the link with us?
  9. Oct 22, 2015 #8
    Okay I'll try once more if I'm not succeed I'll ask for help again. Thanks for now.
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