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Homework Help: Mechancial Spring, Transfer question, not quite adding up!

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    Hello everyone, below I have placed an image of the question, I am quite happy with
    the theory. My issue is how it goes from being F(s) = KX(s) to X/F(s) = 1/K

    I know to change this into a transfer function it is output (X) over input (F).
    However when ever I try i always end up with it = -k/1 ? not 1/K.

    This is a very simple problem I know. Would appreciate any help, cheers

    [PLAIN]http://img849.imageshack.us/img849/9357/springr.png [Broken]

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    I think you are just having a problem with the algebra. If
    F = kx, divide both sides by F, thus
    1 = kx/F. Now divide both sides by k.

    What do you get?
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    indeed i was thank you for that.....its stupid i am happy with laplace, transfer functions, matrix, itegration, differentiation but simple algebra is my downfall!
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