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Mechanical Engineer Technologist Career

  1. Nov 11, 2015 #1
    Hey guys I have a question. I was interested in Mechanical Engineering however do to financial difficulties I decided to go with Mechanical Engineering Technology as a degree. I have a question concerning careers in Mechanical Engineering Technology. I went online and the internet stated the projected growth rate was expected to grow 5 perect slower than avarage. Do you think that there will be lots of jobs avaliable in the future for M.E.T. because of advancements in technology or do you think there will be less jobs due to manufacturing going over seas? Lets assume that all manufacturing jobs went over seas what type of jobs would a technologist be able to do? Do you think they would have to compete with Engineers for Cad design jobs? Do you think there will always be a need for Mechanical Engineering Technologist or would they eventually be phased out? Thanks very much......
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    Job markets are local. Get some local advice.
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    I totally support you in your endeavors but please pursue your dream of being a Mechanical engineer! . Although I cannot comment on MET, by father was a Dean of Engineering and later Professor Emeritus, and from my understanding Mechanical engineering is the way to go based on the current environment. I reference a link for you:

    https://colleges.niche.com/scholarships/major/mechanical-engineering/ which lists all of the scholarships available for you.

    I would further contact the ASME/American Society of Mechanical Engineers for further help in your educational plans. Once you have your degree, you won't look back ! Good luck and never let go of your dreams!
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