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Mechanical Engineering Technology

  1. Oct 16, 2015 #1
    I have a question do you think Mechanical Engineering Technology is a good degree to obtain? Would Mechanical Engineering Technology still be in demand even with manufacturing jobs being shipped over seas? Do you think getting a bachelors degree In Mechanical Engineering Technology gives you a leg up? Would technology such as 3D printing take away job opportunities from technologist?
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    I can't comment directly on the MET degree, but I can comment on the EET (electrical engineering technology). Yes, it will give you a leg up, but if you can handle the extra math needed for a full blown engineering degree, you should go after it, instead. Engineering technology degrees only require math to the Calc I level (and sometimes not that). While most math for engineers isn't at a high level, it can be. And the engineering technology major suffers from the prejudice of not being deeply educated in engineering type math. Often the Engineering Technologist has his career path end at the senior tech level ie pilot plant, prototype and lab type work and cannot break into the engineering design or advanced level work that is given to an ABET accredited engineering major.
    The NCEES and most states make an Engineering technology major wait 2x as long to even be able to sit for a PE exam, ALL ELSE being equal.
    That said, an Engineering Technology major is ideal for online or distance learning as it will let you take engineering type coursework and allow someone who may have lots of field knowledge to gain an education in the engineering field where they work. I myself nearly graduated with an Electrical Engineering technology degree.
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    Well Mechanical Engineering will always be in demand, although core of it is slowly dying. The reason being mechanical engineers are more inclined towards managing things now a days than design.
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