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Mechanical Engineering and the military?

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    Hello I'm curios to know if any of you have been affected by my current situation. Currently I go to school and major in Mechanical Engineering, I live on my own(with a roommate) have a full time job and go to school all at the same time. I wouldn't be doing all of that if I didn't have to but unfortunately those are the cards that I've been dealt. I recently had economic hardships that threatened to end my pursuit to finish my schooling. And then I thought about the future and how i would finish earning my degree and I cannot see how i will be able to with juggling all the bills I have, the crappy and only car I have and can afford, working full time and school. So i looked for some solutions and the military is one i thought of. I like this idea because with the added bonus of serving my country I will have a lot of helpful benefits for my education. I did extensive research on all of the branches and Based on my own preferences the Marines are a branch that i really respect and they have a lot of values that I myself share. My questions are is it possible for me to get this degree while serving the military and this branch? Is there another branch were it may be easier to get this degree? And If you yourself have done it or something similar, please tell me about your experience. I'm just looking to soak up as much info before making the one and final decision.

    P.S Any suggestions ya'll may have about other branches are definitely welcome its just my personal favorite branch is the marines.
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    Talk to a military recruiting office.
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    The general answer is yes, but talk to a recruiter about it. Just be careful he isn't pushing his enlistment quota and make sure you get specifics on the deal you are getting before you sign anything.
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