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Mechanical mass-spring-damper model from IV curve

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    hey guys, I have an IV cure from which i need to develop a mass-spring damper model..... can somebody help me with that.

    the curve has basically a 3 slopee, each linear.....

    if somebody has any kinda idea abt this, i can post the curve as an image...


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    I'm not real clear yet on what you are trying to do, but yes, any figures or more info that you can post will help.
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    i have posted a curve that i have obtained from tests on a bunch of nanowires....... i need to develop a spring-mass-damper system that best describes this curve....

    the mechanical analogy for current i guess is Force and for voltage is Velocity, so this same curve is again a force vs velocity curve..... so is it possbile to get a spring-mass-damper system from the curve?
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    I'm still not clear on the mechanical analogy thing, but before that, why is that plot not linear? How was that data gathered?
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    i guess the plot is not completely linear because this is how the nanowires behave..... the data was gathered using a Keithley 4200, which is a semiconductor characterization system and a probe station
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    Fair enough. Why do you need to translate that into a spring paradim, or am I misinterpreting your question?
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    this is basically part of my research...... nobody has researched the materials i have been working on..... so now that we have some data and plots, we want to get an electrical model and also into a spring paradime... we want to investigate certain efeects that might be going on in the wires..... like maybe a peizo electric effect.... so that is why i need to develop those models
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    The intristic parameter you can recover from IV curve is R (resistance), which is simply V/I

    The instristic parameter of a spring is of course the spring constant k.

    Hooke's law is F = -k*x

    so k = -F/x

    Now you can substitute Volts (V) for Force (F) and current (I) for displacement (x)

    That would model a non-linear spring, possible made from some weird alloys, because your data is non-linear.

    BTW, this is one of many possible transformations. Whatever you do, you have to preserve R.
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