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Medical electronics

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    Any good resources which include general information about :

    1- Bioelectric signals
    2- Physiological transducers
    3- Electrodes
    4- Biopotential amplifiers

    for ECG (electrocardiograph),EEG(electroencephalograph),EOG (electro-oculograph).
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    I would advise you look in National Instruments, particularly their Lab View applications. All I can say is the technology, technical support, on site training is the best!

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    Geddes and Baker, Principles of Applied Biomedical Instrumentation, 3rd ed.
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    I remember Texas Instruments had some good application notes on ECG amplifiers.

    there are also plenty of books on the market. The "Webster" book as well as the one from "Enderle" (search for them at Amazon) are part of almost any biomedical engeneering course. They are good, but very brief.

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    I will try to get these books. Thanks
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    A professor at my previous institute used Bioelectricity by Plonsey and Barr; however, this might be a bit more "fundamental" than what you're looking for.
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    Yeah. I think that i need such "fundamental" descriptions to those topics.
    Anyway let's see...we might want to discuss more
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