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  1. Hey people,
    I'm currently finished junior, and now looking for grad schools in medbio physics (preferably medical imaging, i.e. MR, X-ray). Can anyone suggest the best schools for this to apply? Thanks!
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  3. The CAMPEP website has a list of accredited medical physics graduate and residency programs. There is a list of non-accredited programs over at the AAPM website.

    Where you go will depend on your areas of interest, and if your focus leans more towards research or clinical, diagnostic or therapy.
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    I would suggest looking at the CAMPEP-accredited schools. In order to obtain the certification the programs have to provide a set of didactic courses that will give you adequate preparation for medical physics certification exams (ABR, CCPM etc.) as well as practical experience - in addition to a research-based degree. Further, there is some talk of only allowing students from CAMPEP-accredited programs to write the professional exams (although given the demand for medical physicists right now, I'd be surprised if that were implemented in the near future).
  6. It is not some talk. It's been determined that to be eligible to write board test therefore be certified, one must be associated with CAMPEP programs by 2012 (for grad) and by 2014 (for res).

    I suspect this will indeed create more demand for board certified medical physicist when it seems we're already running short of them. But it also protects the patients from having illy prepared physicist to prepare their therapy plan.
  7. To OP:

    If you're mainly interested in medical imaging then you have many options in terms of graduate school and its program. For example, Stanford EE program has excellent research program in MRI and CT. Or GIT has bioengineering program that does research in many different imaging modalities including MR, CT. Of course, there's UW-Madison's medical physics program, which in my personal belief, the best out there for research and development. For more clinically oriented research program, I also suggest UT MD Anderson.
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