Member jim hardy has died

It is with profound sadness that I must report that we've learned legendary PF brother @jim hardy passed away earlier this week. Jim was loved by countless members here and was an incredibly positive force for the community and all our outside readers. A genuine man, we always paid close attention to his posts as we knew they were full of Insight. Rest in Peace jim! You will always be remembered here as a legend. PF and our engineering forums will not be the same. His efforts here live on! Please feel free to give your thanks here and share a memory.
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I’m at a loss for words. Every so often, our paths would cross in a common thread and I would defer to his experience and would ponder well his advice on whatever matter we were discussing.

Here’s one thread where Old Jim talked about his study of Latin and the debt he owed his Latin teacher Mrs Wright.

Veni, Vidi, Relinqui!

(A little Latin in honor of Old Jim.)

Take care Old Jim, we’ll miss your grace, experience and humor.


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Goodbye Jim.
It was a great privilege to have been in your presence.


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Wow, a blow for sure. Will miss his sunny disposition, good attitude and extensive engineering and otherwise knowledge he was always willing to impart, clearly and patiently. I and most surely all others here will miss you.
I am deeply saddened to learn of Jim's death. He was a valuable and knowledgeable member who contributed greatly to the PF forum and family. I will miss seeing him sign off posts as 'old jim'. :sorry:


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ohh my gosh :oldcry:😢

Jim, you were a true gentleman, I and others learnt so much from you and you will be truly missed here at PF.

To Jim's family and close friends, my deepest condolences through this double tough time as it was only a
short time ago Jim lost his wife.



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PF certainly won't be the same without Jim. It will be hard to get used to his absence. I have never felt a significant loss for someone I had never met til now. RIP.

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Cannot believe my eyes. I saw him replying a few days back, and today he is no longer amongst us? A very knowledgeable person, and helped us, the enthusiasts but beginners, patiently, taking time to answer all our queries. It's really sad that he passed away.
Stunned, learning of Jim's passing. He never stopped learning, had the knack of explaining complexities simply, and balanced hands-on intuition with mathematical rigor.

My condolences to his family during this time darkened with loss, but be it tempered with the memory of a life well lived. He will be missed.
I had an email exchange with Jim for some time, at first we talked physics then life, he even sent me a small brochure from his childhood hometown and said I need to visit. The last email never got an answer....
It's sad to hear.
If any relatives of Jim are reading this I want to express my deepest condolences.


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I am at a loss for words. Jim, you were a true gentleman and will be greatly missed.


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To anyone who was close to him and reads this - know that Jim was greatly respected and this community is lessened with his passing.


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Unlike some of the other posters here, I did not know Jim that well, but on the occasions I have interacted with him, I always respected his considerate manner and his perspective. This is a loss, and I wanted to offer my condolences to his family and to all of his friends both here on PF and elsewhere.

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