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Homework Help: Mesh Analysis (2 loops 3 supplies)

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    1.Find the voltage drop across each resistor? (I'll be able to do this after finding out the currents)

    I've had a go at the formulas but not sure if they're right ive never done 3 voltage sources before so the middle one is putting me off. Any help with the formulas would be great thanks.

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    You were doing great until you started to write duplicate or additional terms for components that you'd already passed through on your trips around each loop.

    For loop one, for example:

    V1 - R1*I1 - R2(I1 - I2) - V2 = 0

    That's it. That's all.

    The procedure is to "walk" around the loop and examine each component as you come to it. You only pass through each component once!
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