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Mice able to walk again

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    jim mcnamara

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    IF all of aging is related to damage that the body knows how to repair, then yes. But that statement is probably not true.

    Cuurent thinking on aging relates to both changes in DNA (epigenetics) and to damage to mitochondria - the mitochondrial theory of aging has experimental support from different researchers, which is always a plus, IMO. Epigenetics is a big player in understanding carcinogenesis: n other words: cells lose the ability to do repairs, so to speak. So reversing aging as we understand it now is more in the realm of plastic surgery.

    This site has a good explanation for non-science types about the mitochondrial theory.
    Please note it is an ad, too, and I'm not suggesting the product, just the explanation:

    The site/product was put together by some researchers who demonstrated that acetyl carnitine and alpha lipoic acid reverse, in some circumstances, mitochondrial damage. Dunno why they went and done it, though.
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