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Microprocessor for stacking inverters

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    Do you know if you could simply connect a few microprocessors to a few inverters to allow the inverters to stack with each other? If you can, can you help me figure out how to make this happen? Also, can you help me find a microprocessor for this task?
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    What do you mean by inverter? Is it some voltage supply. That you want to stack a few voltage supplies together to get some higher voltage. You want to put a micro-processor circuit at different voltage ( float on the supply voltage) to do better control at that point?

    If so, I did so many of these, floating a micro controller up to 13KV or higher and do sophisticated control and data acquisition on top of high voltage.
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    Ok, sorry I didn't specify before. I wanted to stack inverters in a way that I can get 1000 watts of AC energy from my energy source, instead of only just 800watts, which is what my inverters can give at maximum at this point. I want to use the microprocessors to clock the AC currents that the inverters are giving out, so the inverters could sync with each other to provide one flow of AC energy.

    I know that I can just buy a bigger inverter, but for this project, I don't want to
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    Hello elinxie - If you are refering to a 800W Consumer type inverter - no this will not work per se - you would need to hack each of them, not worth the effort. 1000W is not much - you can just buy a 1000W inverter.

    The inverter needs some additional intelligence - to sense the other source and sync to it - this is known as a Grid Tie inverter, compare the pricing. Chances are you would not be able to reverse engineer the 800W inverter fully, they have been configured to operate a certain way - and inevitably your controller will conflict with the inverter controls - the result would be... interesting but not effective.
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