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Minimum Ignition Energy of HD-5 LPG

  1. Nov 22, 2015 #1
    The minimum ignition energy for propane is 0.25mJ and for propene is 0.28mJ
    i have a mixture of propane and propene the percent by volume of propane is 95% and of propene is 5%, is there anyway other than experimentation to find the exact value of Minimum ignition energy of this Mixture or if you already know the value please would you tell me what is it?
    thanks in advance
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    I am not sure if this post is still relevant but, I think you are missing potent information. what are the parameters? oxidation ratio? from STP or modified contingencies? Efficiency of ignition propagation? All of these would need to be defined before an adequate resolution could be assumed. If you are still interested reply with parameters and I will do my best to help!
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