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Mining or Mechanical Engineering?

  1. Jun 26, 2009 #1
    Hi, I just finished my second year at Virginia Tech in Mech Eng and have been doing a lot of thinking lately about whether or not to stay in ME. I do enjoy it and am doing fine grades wise but just have concerns about what type of job I will get. I grew up on a farm and enjoy figuring out how stuff works and have been doing that my whole life. I also have experience with working at a small gravel mine for a few years and found it interesting; however I dont think I would enjoy underground mines very much. My main concern with mech is ending up with a strictly office job. Im just not really sure if I will able to work in a cubical 40-50 hrs a week for the rest of my life. I could deal with working in an office part of the time but I would much rather be working in a lab or outside. Given this, would mining seem like the better path to take for me. Any insight to what all of your mining and mech eng jobs are like day to day would be greatly appreciated.
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    trust me you wont be a cubical worker with a mechanical engineering degree.

    here is a job site for mechanical engineers.

    http://www.mechanicalengineer.com/jobSeeker/JobSearchResults.aspx [Broken]
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    Your options are vastly greater with an ME degree. Don't even think about changing.
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    Mining engineering is a more of specialty, whereas mechanical engineering is broader. One could major in Mech Eng with a minor or electives in Mining Engineering.
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    Have to second the advice to stick with ME. For my money, they might be the most adaptable and employable engineers out there...at least in terms of the knowledge imparted to them throughout their studies.
    On top of that, Im sure a mineral/resource company could find much use in a ME graduate.
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