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Mnemonics for in vivo & in vitro?

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    Are there any good mnemonics for remembering what in vivo & in vitro are?
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    Vitro has a T- as in Test Tube.

    Vivo is Spanish for life/live/etc. I guess that depends on your foreign language background, but that's the obvious way for me.
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    Thanks aroc91.

    I actually found another mnemonic. You see there are a whole bucnh of in's as in vivo, in vitro, in silico and in utero etc. The last two are fairly self-explanatory. It's the first two which were most troublesome and coincidentally most important.

    Anyway the mnemonic is:

    vivo means alive like vegas.

    Since I always knew one (of the in's) was in a test tube and the other was in a live organism so it will be easy now to distinguish between the two.
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