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Molar conc.

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    If 25 mL of 12 M HCl are added to 475 mL of distilled water, what is the molar concentration of the diluted hydrochloric acid?

    c=.63 M HCL

    book has the answer as .60 M HCL
    Isn't the answer .63?
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    Think about this a moment; you've asserted something different from the problem statement, "25 mL of 12 M HCl are added to 475 mL ---."
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    Your total volume is 500ml, and you have 12 moles. 12moles/.500L is???
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    this seems to work, .30 mol/.500L = .60 M
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    No u have 12/40=0.3 moles
    and now volume is 500mL

    therefore molarity= 0.3*2=0.60

    it is right way fish
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