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Moment of Inertia for Simple Polygon

  1. Jul 8, 2016 #1
    I am trying to determine if a function I have is working correctly. The function computes the moment of inertia for a polygon. To test the function I created a polygon that has 4 points and represents a square of 4 units by 4 units. The answer I am getting is 32. I believe the answer should be 42.6 based on J0= Ixx +Iyy, where Ixx = (bh^3)/12 and Iyy = (hb^3)/12.

    The function I have is implementing the following.

    Which is correct 32 or 42.6?
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    The correct polar moment of inertia for a square: J = a^4/6 where a= length of the sides
    In your case: J = 4^4/6 = 42.666...
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