Moments at contact tyre patch and wheel spindle

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    hi guys this is an image of the rear wheel of a push bike going into a corner as well as what i think are relevant forces,
    i need to calculate the moments or torque at A (the contact patch) and B (the hub centre)
    this is to calculate the force on the left hand side of the frame and right hand side of the frame while in a corner
    Fsr = the force going through the suspension
    Fc = lateral cornering forcer on the rear wheel
    phi = lean angle
    MG = mass & gravity
    t = the cross sectional radius of the tyre

    i can and have calculated the above parameters through lot of prior equations that take into account the wheelbase, velocity, friction, radius of the turn ect. but i think that the above are the require ones to calculate this... if there is an easier way please let me know

    im sure its quite simple really but i have either over thought it are just been daft

    cheers for any help guys but could you please explain your reasoning behind your answer so that i can verify it please
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    the above link as an attachment

    sorry the above link doesnt work as i said thought im not 100% these are the relevant forces but i am fairly confident also tho point out this is assuming that it is a 2d diagram should be a simple moments equation really (i think) also it can be assumed the bike is stationary and that it is simple leant over with a machine applying the forces if it makes it easier to calculate...
    thats the torque or moments about point A ( contact patch ) and B the wheel spindle centre
    but any help would be great whether in motion stationary or anything, if you ignore the forces i have written and know another way very happy to listen to that too thanks alot guys cheers

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