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Moments (stylized MOMents) is a Filipino celebrity talk show hosted by Gladys Reyes and aired on Net 25. It is a show for mothers and kids that feature the different bonding moments, child-rearing styles and the many facets of motherhood. It airs 7pm every Saturdays with replays on Mondays to Fridays at 10 A.M and Sundays at 11:30 AM / 12:30 PM.

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  1. leonardo_alex

    Help with Moments in Mechanism

    I'm developoing one mechamical device, that we'll put two nutrunner in one gear. One spur gear will rotate the gear and put the nutrunner and one position. Each nutrunner will fix one bolt with 70Nm. I need put one motor in pinion, but i need consider the moments to define de size of the motor...
  2. M

    Moments of force on Jenga tower

    M= F x d at layer 7, layers 8 - 12 has its centre of mass at middle of layer 10, which is where the weight of these layers would be acting. Not sure hoe to determine whether it would topple
  3. M

    A Nuclear moments in molecular spectroscopy

    Hello! I saw many paper extracting the magnetic dipole and electric quadrupole moments of the nuclei by performing RF/microwave spectroscopy on the rotational levels of a molecule. However, I can't seem to find paper measuring higher order moments. For example, the magnetic octupole moment has...
  4. T

    I Transition Dipole Moments for Strontium

    Hey all, I am currently looking for some data on the resonant transition dipole moment for the Rydberg states of Strontium (in the literature, the square of the dipole moment is known as the "C3 coefficient"). If anyone could point me to some relevant papers that would be greatly appreciated.
  5. ols500

    Linking moments with friction force for a sliding block

    Hi so with this question, I am really confused. Even from the start. Like it doesn't tell us where the force is acting on. From top of block, middle of block etc? And I know how to determine the direction of moment for something on a pivot, not in this scenario though. The answer is A. They did...
  6. newbie1127

    Engineering Moments problem -- One point load is given on a table

    I have tried solving this by splitting the load into two parallel coplaner loads as the Hint below the question suggests but while i was computing the values i realized that, i'll have 4 variables with only 3 equations. two forces and the two distances to forces from their respective axes. i've...
  7. G

    What mistake did I make in finding the reaction at hinge A?

    A very simple (I thought!) question: I'm just looking at the first part, finding the reaction at the hinge A. Here is my annotated diagram, with the reaction and A resolved into it's X and Y components, the force at E labelled as Fe and the length of ED labelled as L. Considering the body...
  8. L

    Finding moments in pedal (beam w/ rightangles)

    hello friends i am seek advice on a engineer question (sorry if grammar bad english isn't my first language but i learn) i require to find the moments on a pedal. the pedal is horizonta. as the picture provided the hinge point is at a and there is a support at b. at e a man stands and is 750...
  9. G

    To find the modulus of elasticity of a light elastic string

    Could I please ask for help with the following question? Four uniform rods of equal length l and weight w are freely jointed to form a framework ABCD. The joints A and C are connected by a light elastic string of natural length a. The framework is freely suspended from A and takes up the shape...
  10. R

    Question re interpreting MarkScheme - Moments (Edexcel A-level)

    Attached is a Q from an AS mechanics paper. I'm perplexed about part (c) in which we are told that the tensions in the two cables are equal. My physics brain says take moments about the CoM of the beam so eliminating the mass of the beam and making the moments of the two cables equal and...
  11. B

    I How to recalculate Berry phase dipole moments (jumps over time)?

    Is there anyone out there who can help a newbie understand how to deal with Berry phase dipole moment data? I ran a simulation to calculate dipole moments over time using the Berry phase method. The problem is that there are jumps in my data. There is an example at the end of this post (part...
  12. M

    A Moments and forces in different frames of reference

    Good morning! I know this may sound a little odd, because there is a theorem regarding it, but i have this question. Basically, a CFD analysis gives me the value of the forces and the moments, as a function of fuselage's orientation, in a particular frame of reference. How can i calculate the...
  13. grotiare

    Engineering Question about max stress on circular cross section with two moments

    I couldn't fit in the title, but this is with a hollow circular cross section So currently I am trying to figure what occurs when two, perpendicular bending moments are applied to a hollow circular cross section (one about the z axis, and the other about y). I know that if I was dealing with a...
  14. almoga

    Statics - beam forces and moments

    Summary:: I did the first section but I am having a hard time with the second. would like to find the moment in the next section (from b to h)
  15. V

    How can I add Moments / Torques in different planes?

    I have a problem as shown in the figure So assume there is a cylinder rotating inside a stationally wall. There is a viscous fluid in between the gap of cylinder wall and outer stationary wall, similar to bearing. The fluid has some velocity in axial direction also the outer wall of cylinder...
  16. D

    Engineering Moments at the connections between a horizontal beam and the 3 vertical beams supporting it

    Say that I have a continouos beam resting on top of column spanning across 3 column. The applied load is UDL on the beam, here's how the BMD look like. My question is whether the connection between the beam and column need to sustain the moment ? Which point need to sustain the moment ? All 3...
  17. S

    Calculating moments about a support point

    Moment about X2 to calculate force at X1: x1 * 9 = (250 * 2) Therefore, x1 = 500/9 = 55.5N The book however gives force at x1 as 110N. So I figured I have not understood a concept somewhere
  18. T

    Moments Question (IWTSE.org) -- Three balances and two masses

    I think I have done this in an inefficient way. I assumed from the question that the three balances were of equal mass, though I'm not sure if I should have ignored their mass entirely. The correct answer is X = (62 + [2/9]) kg. Please help.
  19. B

    I Searches for electric dipole moments (EDM) in atoms

    Hello! I read some papers about searching for induced atomic EDM. Finding such an EDM would imply a violation of the P and T-invariance (and hence CP). The way the derivation works (very roughly) is by assuming you have a PT-odd interaction in the hamiltonian (coming from a possible nuclear EDM...
  20. T

    Moments Question (ENGAA 2019) -- Cable and Winch Lifting a Drawbridge

    The correct answer is 'B'. I would like some clarification, in regard to the forces that exist in this moments problem. General Queries: 1) Is there friction acting on the hinge in a downward direction (parallel to the wall)? Does the ramp being "smoothly hinged" to the wall mean there is no...
  21. shk

    Forces and moments -- Pushing wheeled luggage through the airport

    Hi I need help with part d. I think for part q(i) the force is horizontally and constant and equal to what I have found in part c. and for part d(ii) the force is upwards and equal to what I have found in part b.
  22. B

    Finding the perpendicular distance in this moments question

    I have tried this question but can't get my head around to doing part b) This is the sketch I have drawn and I'm guessing 'x' is the distance that I have to fine that's perpendicular to force Fb, though I'm not sure if I have set it up correctly? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  23. B

    Calculating Moments About a Point

    Not sure if I answered this question right I took my clockwise moments as +ve and counter-clockwise moments as -ve Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks
  24. J

    I have confusion understanding moments and couples

    1) are all Moments of forces and Moments of couples free vectors? Can I move the moment vector computed about point O to a new point "point B" without changing the system? To elaborate on the question, suppose Resultant Moment about point O is computed using several forces and the position...
  25. Purplepixie

    MHB Using moments to calculate weight of Pyrometer stand base

    I am trying to design a free standing stand for a pyrometer, which weighs 750g. The pyrometer needs to be 1.5 metres above ground level. The stand will be constructed entirely in steel. The layout of the stand is shown in the uploaded diagram Pyro_stand.gif. How can I derive expressions for the...
  26. Athenian

    Finding the Monopole and Multipole Moments of the Electric Potential

    My first attempt revolved mostly around the solution method shown in this "site" or PowerPoint: http://physics.gmu.edu/~joe/PHYS685/Topic4.pdf . However, after studying the content and writing down my answer for the monopole moment as equal to ##\sqrt{\frac{1}{4 \pi}} \rho##, I found out the...
  27. mcrooster

    How to find Tb and Moments 3D equilibrium of rigid bodies

    The boom is supported by a ball-and-socket joint at AA and a guy wire at BB Hey guys, I am stuck with this question in find the Tension in B and the moments around A. I have done plenty of 2d Tension questions but not a 3D one.
  28. Neothilic

    I How to find the moments using the characteristic function?

    I have the characteristic function of the Cauchy distribution ##C(t)= e^{-(\mid t \mid)}##. Now, how would I show that the Cauchy distribution has no moments using this? I think you have to show it has no Taylor expansion around the origin. I am not sure how to do this.
  29. Neothilic

    I How to prove the Cauchy distribution has no moments?

    How can I prove the Cauchy distribution has no moments? ##E(X^n)=\int_{-\infty}^\infty\frac{x^n}{\pi(1+x^2)}\ dx.## I can prove myself, letting ##n=1## or ##n=2## that it does not have any moment. However, how would I prove for ALL ##n##, that the Cauchy distribution has no moments?
  30. Leonardo Muzzi

    I Quantum Eraser: do entangled photons arrive at different moments?

    Considering a Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser experiment such as the one in the picture above: It is said that paired photons arriving at the detectors A,B,C,or D, reach the detectors after the entangled pair has reached the interference screen. Are we actually able to measure the time interval...
  31. B

    Engineering Calculate shear force and bending moments with a UDL and a point load

    Hello, I am looking for some help. I have completed the question below. I will show my answers. My answer: I believe this to be correct. If it is not would appreciate someone letting me know so i can correct. Now i am attempting this question: Could anyone help, or point me in the...
  32. D

    Addition of moments of inertia

    Hi To calculate the moment of inertia of a large sphere , I can calculate I for a smaller sphere and then add to it , I for the spherical shell that added to the smaller sphere makes the larger sphere. Does this general process apply to all shapes ? If so , does this process have a name ie. is...
  33. E

    Can all bending moments be represented by force couples?

    A bending moment about an axis passing through a cross section arises due to an uneven distribution of stress across the cross section, like so: I have read that any given bending moment is equivalent to a force couple applied about that axis. That is to say that the curly moment arrow on a...
  34. E

    Bending moments about two different axes

    I was reading through a set of notes and found something a little odd. The aim is to solve the beam structure shown below, which is massless and of length ##l##. By considering the beam as a whole, we obtain ##A_y = P##, ##A_x = N## and by taking moments about A we see ##M_A = Pl##. However...
  35. I

    Is the Quadrupole Moment Non-Zero?

    I have been throwing everything I can at this. I believe that both the monopole and dipole are zero, but I have no clue as to how to evaluate the quadrupole moment.
  36. P

    Understanding Bending Moments and Moment Equilibrium in Structural Analysis

    I have a quesrion about forming the eqaution of moment equilibrium. As shown in the picture at cut 1 there are 2 vertical forces and a bending moment. I expect V=A. If I apply moment equilibrium about the point where the bending moment is, we get that Ay*x = M(1). But how about if I take moment...
  37. C

    What is the mass of the ruler moments? (Answer: 127.04g)

    The answer is 127.04g. I’m getting close but can’t get the answer. Using 9.81 for gravity, the force where the balance is is 2.10(58146)N As it is balanced 2.10N x 0.29m = W x 0.50m where 0.50 is the centre of mass That gives W = 1.22N = 124.5g?
  38. L

    Dipole and Quadrupole moments and axial symmetry

    Hello, I would like to find a mathematical demonstration of this problem. While I have always used it, I could never prove it. Given a charge or current distribution with axial symmetry the electric and magnetic dipole moment are null: (electric dipole moment) (magnetic dipole moment)and...
  39. T

    Engineering Calculating the Moments on the Walls of a Tank filled with Water

    Hello all, I was hoping someone could help me calculate the moment a tank wall experiences. I have the following question:- Tank contains water with dimensions: 4m Wide 12m Long 3m Tall Determine the moment at the bottom of the long side at its centre. I have drawn a sketch of the tank and...
  40. A

    I Why are cumulants extensive and moments are not?

    And why does it matter if they are extensive or not?
  41. T

    Understanding The Concept Of Moments

    Hello all; I am trying to better understand the idea of Moments. I know how to calculate moments i.e. Distance * Perpendicular Force. My understanding was that moments were any push/pull force that creates a turning action about some point - that is what a moment is to me, I have shown this...
  42. FluffCorgi

    Rotational Motion and moments of inertia

    I have the moment of inertia for the core(initial) and full body(final) but my answer for the moment of inertia for the arms(initial) was incorrect. Arms(initial) moment of inertia:(1/12)(6)(1.7^2)=1.445 this is incorrect for some reason Core(initial) moment of inertia: .9558 Full...
  43. L

    Man jumping onto a see-saw to launch bricks vertically

    I drew a diagram for the a) part The person is h meters high So GPE= 100 x 9.8x h GPE= 980h j KE = 980h when the person hits the see saw KE=1/2mv² 980h=0.5 x 5 x v² Now it v²=u²+2as For the brick going up to 10m v = 0 u=? a=-9.8ms-² s=10m u²=2 x 9.8 x 10 u=14m/s We can assume that u=14m/s is...
  44. Benjamin_harsh

    Where I am going wrong in summing moments for this diagram?

    ##\sum M_{A} = F.(d+d` )-F(d+d` )-F.d## I am getting negative answer. Where I am doing wrong in summing moments for this diagram?