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Homework Help: Momentum of falling mass problem

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    6 An object of mass 0.80 kg travelling horizontally with a
    speed of 30 m s–1 hits a hanging metal plate of mass
    12.0 kg and rebounds with a speed of 16 m s–1. What is
    the speed with which the plate moves forward?

    i used p=mu+mu but the answer was not correct why is that?
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    Did you try (0.8*30) - (0.8*(-16)) = 12v ? If you did, and that didn't work, maybe there is a coefficient of resistuation (sorry about the spelling) between the object and the plate, so [tex] \frac{Speed.of.sparation}{Speed.of.approach} = e [/tex]
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    Find the total momementum of the system before the collision. This momentum must remain constant. You can calculate the momentum of the object, but remember this is travelling in the oppoisite direction to the plate so:
    [tex]P_{plate} - P_{object} = P_{initial}[/tex]
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    thank you ........
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