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Homework Help: Momentum-speed homework question

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    ok so i need so serious help. the question is:
    A)what impulse occurs when an average force of 10 newtons is exerted on a cart for 2.5 sec?
    I use the imp=Ft formula
    imo= (10n)(2.5sec)
    imp= 25 sec

    B)what change in momentum does the cart undergo?
    i don't know, is it the same force as impulse?

    C)if the mass of the cart is 2kg and the cart is initially at rest calculate the final speed.
    for this one would you use final - initial time??
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    Re: momentum-speed

    yes it is.

    Well Ft=mv-mu, initially at rest means u=0, so you just have Ft=mv. You can easily get 'v' from here.
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