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Money per person and 2nd generation

  1. Jul 25, 2015 #1
    In my base 10 math world there are rules for the gender of 1st generation numbers. They are:

    Primes alternate between 1 gender and another(specifically M and F)

    Composites have 3 more rules related to number of factors:
    M factors > F factors = M
    M factors < F factors = F
    M factors = F factors = H(hermaphrodite)

    Now there are even more rules for reproduction(hermaphrodites are bifertile in Math World meaning that they produce both eggs and sperm). They are:

    Male mates with Female
    Female mates with Male(classic reproduction rules)


    Hermaphrodite mates with Female
    Hermaphrodite mates with Male
    Hermaphrodite mates with Hermaphrodite(resulting in 2 pregnancies)
    Hermaphrodite mates with Self

    All of this is because of 4 sex chromosomes like this:
    XXXX: Female
    XXXY: Male
    XXYY: Hermaphrodite
    XYYY: Male

    0,2,5,10,11,17,20,22,23,31,34,40,41,42,43,46,47,50 ,55,59,61,62,68,71,79,80,82,85,88,89,92,94,and 100 are male

    4,8,16,32,64,and 25 are hermaphroditic

    the rest of the 101 numbers are female.

    Given these reproduction rules and that every number gets x chances of reproduction and these operations:
    nth root
    how many 2nd generation numbers are there including repeats assuming that every time a number mates that it is either with a different number or with the same number but a different operational chromosome expressed?

    Also the mother is one of the addends for +, the minuend for -, one of the factors(specifically the multiplicand which is what you are multiplying) for *, the dividend for /, the base for ^, the index for nth root, and both the base and exponent for tetration. So this reduces the potential amount in half since it is always Female or Hermaphrodite (Operation) Male, Hermaphrodite, or Self.

    Also, assuming everything is free until all the x+101 numbers get an equal amount of money and 1 person produces per year 13,146,337,252,759,428 dollars(5 of each denomination of the third Zimbabwe dollar * 73(which is 365/5)), and that 5 people are producing money how many years will it take to get an equal amount of money to everyone? How much money will each number have after those y years?

    Just to clarify the Third Zimbabwe Dollar denominations from 1 up are:

    1 dollar
    5 dollars
    10 dollars
    20 dollars
    100 dollars
    500 dollars
    1000 dollars
    10000 dollars
    20000 dollars
    50000 dollars
    100000 dollars
    500000 dollars
    1 million dollars
    10 million dollars
    100 million dollars
    200 million dollars
    500 million dollars
    1 billion dollars
    5 billion dollars
    10 billion dollars
    20 billion dollars
    50 billion dollars
    10 trillion dollars
    20 trillion dollars
    50 trillion dollars
    100 trillion dollars
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    Does this have some specific background or is it just a random collection of weird rules?
  4. Jul 25, 2015 #3
    As far as the gender of first generation numbers that is from number gender synesthesia.

    For the chromosomes it is from my knowledge that XX is female and XY is male in most organisms and that hermaphrodites can be fertile.

    For the mother being the first number in the equation that is because the mother is the most important relative.

    The reproduction rules are from my knowledge of meiosis and fertilization.
  5. Jul 26, 2015 #4
    It's your invention, why don't you investigate it and tell us about the results, if you think they are interesting? Along the way you might be able to remove what appear to be inconsistencies between the definitions of gender using prime factors (which is pretty clear) and using chromasomes (which seems less clear to me).
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